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Universal Service To Universal Access
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When the Governor's Office of Telecommunications Policy was created, its organic mission included the development of strategies to ensure that the benefits associated with information technology would be broadly available to all of Arizona's citizens. The issues of Universal Service and Universal Access present extraordinary challenges to state policy makers. But the rewards of meeting those challenges will be rich indeed.

This study, performed with speed and professionalism by International Research Center of Tempe, Arizona, establishes an unprecedented foundation of data and thought on the topic of Universal Access. It assesses our past, our current day efforts, and then begins to explore the possibilities in our future. The implications of policy decisions in this area are enormous. They will affect the future directions of education, health care, social services, and economic development. Our best hope lies in strategies that work within the constraints of a competitive marketplace with a minimum of distortions. The opportunity for creative policy solutions is at hand. This superbly researched and prepared document will give Arizona's policy makers the tools they need to make informed and visionary decisions.

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