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Your organization's opportunities in communications, content, and technology have never been greater, nor have the complexity of evolving technologies and marketplaces been more involved and challenging than at this time. Success in today's fast moving world depends on timely, targeted information and actionable insights. Are you making plans and decisions based on the best available research and intelligence about your competitors and customers? Do you need quality analysis and insights to size and target markets, manage risks, understand emerging trends, and anticipate competitors' strategies and actions? International Research Center (IRC) has provided consulting, custom research, and strategic support for business, legal, and public policy clients in a variety of high-technology disciplines and arenas since 1992. We can provide market-driven insights to help you track and forecast market trends, assess strategic options, and optimize your results.

IRC concentrates on clients' needs in the complex worlds of telecommunications, information technology, eContent, eLearning, the Internet, biotechnology, and other domains by harnessing global information resources for informed decision making. Our principals combine extensive experience in market research and trending, as well as core competencies in industries and markets, intelligence acquisition, incisive analysis, and strategic planning. Additionally, IRC utilizes a broad base of specialists and consultants, exploiting global networked communication to address our client's varied research needs with complete confidentiality and superlative results. IRC will gather and evaluate relevant primary and secondary information, prepare and deliver concise and targeted results, and provide cost effective and timely solutions to your critical information needs.

Market Research and Intelligence
  • Business and Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Research Collection and Analysis
  • Survey Development and Execution
  • Strategic Landscape Mapping and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning Support and Facilitation
  • Business Development (BizDev) Support
  • Strategic Partner and Prospect Identification
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence
  • IT, Technology and Content Assessment, Productization and Commercialization
  • Tracking Innovations and R&D in Industry,
    Science and Technology, White Papers
  • Industry, Economic and Political Trends
    Regional, National and International Scope
  • International Development and Trade
  • Political Climate, Travel and Relocation
Legal and Public Policy Support
  • Public Policy Studies and Surveys
  • Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Facilitation and Consensus Building
  • Government Legislation and Regulation
  • Energy and Environmental Issues
  • Claims and Litigation Support Research
  • Expert Witness Identification and Verification
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Copyright, Domain Name, Trademark and Patent Support

Research, Analysis And Education

  • Background on Issues and Events
  • Current Awareness Alerts and Services
  • Custom In-House Keynotes & Presentations
  • Customized Training in Internet, Telecom, Research Skills and Strategic Technologies
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Why International Research Center?

Harnessing Global Information Resources
for Informed Decision Making

DISCLAIMER: International Research Center uses its best efforts within each project's scope and budget to provide you with up-to-date and reliable information and research from a variety of sources. However, International Research Center makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, comprehensiveness or suitability of the information provided and disclaims liability for any and all damages arising out of its research or from the client's reliance on or use of such information. The client agrees to abide by all copyright laws relating to copyrighted material provided by International Research Center, particularly in regards to subsequent copying and distribution.